SIINDA Advisory Services

SIINDA is a neutral non-profit organization that works on behalf of companies engaged in all aspects of the local commerce ecosystem. SIINDA has an unrivalled network of advisors and associates, who can help you with almost any aspect of your business.



GDPR Compliance Check

Do you know if your business is ready before the GDPR implementation deadline of 25th May 2018? Does your team understand the GDPR scope and what are the compliance obligations? At SIINDA, we understand the processes behind GDPR , we have been working on compliance over the past 2 years and we can help you and your team better understand what had to be done.
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Social Media Support with SIINDA powered by Marketing Prague

The Ultimate Social Media. We will make your brand famous in four weeks. Experts in: Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. For the past 10 years, we have helped businesses create their brand presence, take market share and increase sales through specializing in amazing social media & SEO.
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Recruitment with SIINDA powered by Talents2Grow

We help you find talent across Europe with our partner Talents2Grow. We understand your business, we understand transformation and expansion. Our network of talent comes from all over Europe and beyond. Contact us for your recruiting needs.
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Our advisors have global reputations for delivering top advice and knowledge that is actionable. The scope of our services is broad: from mentoring start-ups to advising global boards. Our advisors can help you identify the right partners, provide guidance on adapting to regulatory policies, and help you craft practical and effective strategies for new market entry; customer acquisition, retention and growth; customer experience design; digital transformation; production design and manufacturing; and countless other areas. We can help you optimize your current business or start a new one.

In today’s world of increased economic connectedness and the lowering of trade barriers, companies are constantly seeking to replicate their home-country success in newer geographies. However, each country is unique, with different underlying economic, demographic, cultural, business etiquette and regulatory factors. Our advisors bring experience gained from working in numerous different geographies worldwide, and have successfully run companies in their own right; therefore, bringing a ”hands-on” approach to the table.

As a neutral non-profit organization, it is our obligation to find the right advisor for you. We listen to your needs and will assign you the advisor that is the right fit for you. We monitor the deliveries to ensure you are satisfied and we work with you as a partner that can help strengthen your business.