We make bacon great again (Thomas Lang)


There are the moments in life which change everything.




Some years ago, I was in the queue to order a burger at a famous burger chain in US. Accidently I saw their milkshake menu. What got my full attention was the remark “add bacon to any shake”.

I was smiling and asked the cashier what did this mean, was it a joke?

He answered “no no no, this is one of our special offers. Just try it – you will be impressed”. So, I did. I tried the vanilla-salted caramel shake with crispy bacon.

To make it short: for me this was one of the most delicious food-moments in my life. The taste was out of this world. If I told my friends, they would look at me in disbelief and doubt my seriousness.

From this moment on I have seen many obscure food combinations with bacon and I tried them all: a donut with strawberry, maple syrup plus bacon strips, bacon flakes for pancakes and a cafe latte with bacon.

Kimberli, a good friend of mine, always thinks of me when she sees some extraordinary bacon products. The latest gift from her was a lip care stick with bacon taste.

My advice: just combine crispy bacon with normally “unmatched” food – it's definitely worth it!