Louise Lachmann, CEO & Co-Founder, Mono Solutions


Louise Lachmann is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mono Solutions, which is celebrating ten years in business this year.

Louise has always had a passion for the online industry. She started her career consulting tech start-ups in Israel before returning to Denmark and becoming the Managing Director of Tribal DDB a world-leading digital agency. She co-founded the web agency Pentamind, a premium agency helping large corporations and organizations with professional online presence. Seeing the opportunity to help SMBs achieve the same level of professionalism was the foundation for starting Mono in 2007 and is still the vision powering its success now ten years later.

Louise is a very creative person, who is famous for her DIY projects both at the office and at home.

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows Louise, that she has one speed and that’s turbo. Why do tomorrow what can be done today? Her tenacious and fast-paced nature is not reserved just for the office. Together with her husband and two children, she keeps life at home just as active with a love for the slopes and adventurous vacations. Speaking about adventures, once Louise was stopped in airport security for having a screw driver in her purse!

While she makes it a point to go offline during her vacations as much as possible, it seems she can’t go anywhere without running into someone she knows or meeting someone who inspires an idea to bring back to the team. Mono is very much at the center for Louise because she doesn’t do anything at less than 100%.