Golf SIINDA Spotzer Open – Registration closed









Meet in Lobby 07:00 h
Bus leaves 07:15 h – on time
Bus drop-off 08:00 h
T-off Time 08:30 h – please see groups & T-off order
Total Person Golfing 23


All Golfers will be given carts: 2 Persons per cart – see your groups & teams


Clubs reserved for:

  • Neg Norton
  • Paul Plant
  • Bodo Svenson
  • Ben Barney
  • Trevor Harries-Jones, left handed
  • Jeffrey Chew
  • Moritz Fritzen
  • Ndaba Nkomo
  • Oscar Sousa Marques
  • Robert Bruil (4 sets)


Lessons – 6 Persons:

  • Saher AlSous
  • Adi Vax
  • Mihai Cristea
  • Jason Leigh Gafa
  • Edward Mallia
  • Guy Karolizki


Lunch 13:30 – 14:30 h
Fixed menu & 1 drink included in Tournament
Bus pick-up 14:30 h
Back at Hotel 15:00 h
SIINDA Conference Start 15:30 h


T-off will happen from Hole 1 and Hole 10
T-off order is given
Groups are given
Please honour, we cannot accommodate changes; this has been organized with the Golf Club according to their knowledge of the course and based on Handicaps


Group 1   Group II 
T-off 8:30 h from Hole 1    T-off 8:30 h from Hole 10 
Team 1: First T-off     Team 1: First T-off 
Neg Norton   Caro Grammatik
Paul Plant   Sven Strehlke
Rhett-Christian Grammatik   David Federhen
Ulrike Grammatik    Ndaba Nkomo
Team 2: Second T-off    Team 2: Second T-off 
Trevor Nadeau   Jeff Chew
Robert Bruil   Trevor Harries-Jones
Oscar Sousa Marques
  Ben Barney
Bodo Svenson    Renato Bottini
Team 3: Third T-off     Team 3: Third T-off
Frank Huber   Moritz Fritzen
Johan van Vulpen   Lex ten Veen
Tjerk van der Lande   Gilsi Sigvaldason
Ash Lomberg    



About El Bosque Golf Club

El Bosque Golf Club is located in Valencia. Opened in 1975,  it was designed by Robert Trent Jones Snr., reknown designer of some of the best golf courses.

The lot is crossed by a deep ravine, giving it an undulating profile which allows an interesting variety of holes. Some movements of land and the partial deflection of the stream levelled certain parts of the course without giving it an artificial look. The location of the course at the foot of a mountain and is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, the prestigious designer took advantage of the location in order to add beauty and movement to the 18 freeways of the course.

It is run along 6.249 metres with a par 72. Its 18 holes show an interesting variety of shots, since Robert Trent Jones Snr. sought to create a course in which all types of golfers could enjoy, both the most experienced and new players.

As a result, it has hosted some of the most important international tournaments, such as the El Bosque Open (Volvo Tour), the Mediterranea Open, the Senior PGA of the European PGA and the Copa de S.M. La Reina.

To sign up, send a mail to