Who we are


We are the Search & Information Industry Association, the leading European based non-profit association bringing together companies in the search (digital, mobile, print, vertical directories and platforms), information, and telecommunication sectors as well as businesses providing “on demand” services. We have global members from Asia to Latin America and from Africa to Australia. We provide a wide range of member services from market research to conferences and summits. We are a resource forum where complementary market segments in search and information can connect, share, and grow. We are fostering the development of positive, ongoing partnerships that enable us all to prosper. We keep our members up to date with the latest market trends, technical developments, and critical legislation that might affect our businesses. We also provide a platform where seed level start-up’s can mix with industry leaders. Our worldwide network of members fosters the exchange of ideas and the encouragement of partnerships.

We are:

  • Informative: providing members with market research and the latest trends
  • Connective: providing member platforms for networking
  • Forward thinking: fostering innovation both inside and outside our membership circles
  • Representative: supporting member interests across all sectors
  • Valuable: useful, relevant, timely

Kimberli J. Lewis

Kimberli Lewis has 18 years experience as CEO of European directories, search and online companies and 22 years in executive management. She has managed or served on the boards of companies in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Gibraltar, Israel, United Kingdom, and United States.

Kimberli is recognized as an expert in the industry of search and information, and has won over 29 International awards in marketing and product development. Kimberli has graduate degrees from Webster, George Washington and Harvard Universities, as well as being a certified Executive and Team Coach from Henley Business School and London Academy of Executive Coaching.


Stéphanie Vérilhac Marzin

Stephanie has B.A in Political Science from the Institute of Political Science of Grenoble and a Master in European Affairs from University of Paris. She has worked in the European Parliament at the Secretariat service of the EPP and was rewarded the Francois Fontaine prize for her work on the EU opening to the Visegrad countries. She began her work with EADP in 1999 and was the EU Affairs officer until the merger. During her 13 years with EASDP, she actively took part in European conferences encompassing both legislative, strategic and organizational approaches to our industry.

Stephanie is the owner of SVM Consult, which provides unique public affairs services intertwined the with event management to combine an accurate sector-specific package for the data industry. She manages the European and regulatory affairs  for SIINDA, the Search and Information Industry Association.


Hans-Joachim Wolf

Hans Joachim Wolf
Accounts Receivable and Payable SIINDA

Joachim Wolf has over 28 years experience in the print and digital advertising business.
Joachim owned and operated his own local advertising agency from 1983 until 2012 in Germany.
He has worked closely with publishers on the German Market.
Previous, he owned and operated his own restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain.
He also worked for 5 years in the merchant navy for Hapag-Lloyd, Hamburg.
Joachim is supporting the staff at SIINDA and oversees the accounts receivable and payable of SIINDA.
Joachim is a German national and speaks fluent English and Spanish.


Elena Ragozina

Elena is currently a business student, studying business, marketing and finance at the New York University in Prague.
She is working as the liaison for membership Services and Accounting for SIINDA. She is responsible for the membership services of SIINDA’s 150 members and subsidiaries, including member communication, membership accounting tracking, membership dues tracking, and basic accounting. She also provides support services and communication for SIINDA conferences, webinars and other SIINDA activities reporting to the General Manager of SIINDA.
She is a Russian national and speaks fluent English and basic Czech as other languages.