SIINDA Virtual Start-up Accelerator!


SIINDA Virtual Start-up Accelerator!

Starting a company is both challenging and exciting but can also be solitary, and SIINDA recognizes this. Many of the members of SIINDA have been through the start-up experience and realize that no matter how challenging it is, the rewards can be great; therefore, SIINDA has launched its start-up accelerator.

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Each year, SIINDA chooses between 6-10 Start-ups to present their business to potential partners, investors, mentors and anyone who counts!

Present you Start-up and get feedback from industry experts. Fill out the Speakers Pitch – please note in it you are applying for the Start-up session.

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What is the virtual start-up accelerator?

The start-up accelerator is a networking and learning platform where seed level companies are able to present and discuss their ideas, products and services, market strategies and business plans. The platform gives start-ups an opportunity to communicate with successful companies, possible investors and other start-ups who are facing the same challenge. The SIINDA Accelerator focuses on businesses in the search, on demand, information, and technology sectors in both B2C and B2B.

How can we help you?

Virtual start-up accelerator sessions at our conferences/summits

Between 6 and 10 start-ups will be chosen to present at our conferences and summits each year. Present your products, services and ideas to people who count. Get honest feedback and make network connections and get the exposure you need to make it big. Applications are available on the speakers pitch.


Community and networking

You will get access to a network of 3.000+ employees/people in the search and information industry, 100+ companies, 50+ mentors/founders and our board and staff, all with an industry reach. Thanks to our massive network, start-ups can build relationships and partnerships that wouldn’t be possible at their current size. We are combative, open and supportive!


We have many mentors and advisors within the SIINDA organization that are here to help you. Need an intro to a customer? Early access to a new platform feature? API access blocked? Stuck at the boarder? We have the connections and can try to point you in the right direction. Many of our member companies also provide non-financial support such as office space, etc.

Curriculum/workshops and more

Our one-day workshops are mini-MBA programs filled with real life experiences! If you do not know how to put together a business plan, or have no idea how to market your product, one of our workshops can help you. At our summits and conferences you will hear how others have already done it and they are great networking experiences. Workshops will start in 2015 and we like to hear from you what you think is important.


We are a non-profit organization, so we do not have any money :-), but we might know the people who do. Angel Investors and Venture Capitals are part of our network. We cannot guarantee you anything, but by using our network, you can get the exposure you need and increase the odds of being seen.


SIINDA start-up membership

We understand that start-ups are tight on cash; therefore, we have a special start-up membership, which includes our summits and conferences where you can also take advantage of the SIINDA start-up accelerator services. Join SIINDA today.