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SIINDA Industry Excellence Award SIINDA is happy to announce its Industry Excellence Awards for 2017. Be recognized as one of the BEST! SIINDA’s Industry Excellence awards honor member companies that have achieved outstanding results with their products or services, have proved to be innovative, are customer oriented and have enhanced the user experience. 

To qualify, you must be a member of SIINDA in good standing and the innovation, product, functionality, or service must have been created or updated in the last 24 months. 


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The Search and Information Industry Association (SIINDA), one of the fastest growing non-profit media, digital, and voice associations based in Europe, announces the annual SIINDA Industry Excellence Awards 2017.

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Categories are:

Local Search & Commerce
Any online product, directory, or portal that helps to enhance the user experience and promotes transactions between users and advertisers. Any product that finds new ways to support local businesses with scheduling, customer relationship management, payments, e-commerce, loyalty, etc.


Marketing, Advertising & Promotion
Any marketing, advertising or promotion campaign that promotes a product and service through creative innovative means in either online, mobile, print, gorilla meeting or any other channel. The campaign must promote a product or service in the search and information industry. Submissions may include ad copy, graphics, video, audio or a combination of media in advertising or marketing campaigns.


Mixed Media Solutions
This category looks at media solutions or packages for the customer that include a verity of solutions from print to social media, that are bundled a customer friendly way that helps the SMB understand the reach they will get and the potential ROI on the product package. This category is focused on solutions for the SMB that have a multi-media reach.



Mobile ad products, mobile tools, integration with mobile apps, and mobile targeting. Any mobile product that helps to enhance the user experience and promotes transactions between users and advertisers.  


Presence Management
New forms of listings, syndication, distribution practices, website creation, management solutions, platforms for listings, new content types or functionality, and new ways to target listings.


Sales & Marketing Automation
Solutions that automate sales and marketing processes and allow better sales channel targeting or sales and marketing preparation.


SIINDA Industry Contribution Award
Any person, who has contributed to the industry’s development, the development of SIINDA as an association by helping us move forward and be successful. Companies are asked to submit names directly to the Board of directors for this category. Send a mail naming the person, their contribution and why you are nominating them to


Social & Reputation Management
Tools that help measure social ROI, facilitate reputation management, drive social engagement, utilize paid vs. organic posts and leverage online reviews.


Vertical Online Market Solutions
Solutions that either contribute to growth in a particular target market segment or open a new market segment that has specific relevance to select industry or business type. Both business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer markets are eligible. 


Voice Services
The category of voice services covers directory assistance, mobile, VoIP or any other voice initiated services. Innovation in business models, products, or services: Any new or changed business model, product or service based on voice initiated services. The model should enhance an existing service, provide a new service, create a new market demand, contribute to the demand in a current market, or be at the leading edge of innovation.